Tri-Panel Delta Skate Sail


This "V" cut or Swallowtail design slices easily through the wind and tacks within 20 degrees of a direct headwind. If you hold onto the cross bar, it practically sails itself.

You can cruise stylishly turn in circles & figure eight’s or invent your own free-style routine.

Padded apex rests against knee as hands hold cross-bar to position sail. Merely flip sail overhead for up-wind turns or shift angle for down-wind turns.

This lightweight sail and frame rivals the performance of the Bladesail "V" and lends itself to a full range of sizes: Smaller (4 ft. thru 9 ft.) for kids and girls, "Oversized" (10 ft. 8 in.) for light winds or for heavy duty WindSkaters.

Quick and easy to set up in about 2 minutes. Folds down to 4ft. (plus 5ft. cross bar) for storage or shipping and fits in the trunk of any car.

Stock orders in a variety of color combinations. 3.9oz. Dacron sailcloth, aircraft quality aluminum, clear plastic window, and padded apex.

4 ft. thru 7 ft. for high winds or children: $300

8 ft. for high winds or children: $350

9 ft. for adults in higher winds: $350

9 ft. 9 in. for adults in average winds: $400

10 ft. 8 in. For heavy duty WindSkaters: $425

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