Basic Boardsail


Easy to Rig . . . Easy to Ride! This Basic BoardSail is for the WindSkater who wants that windsurfer feel. With this lightweight BoardSail (7 to 8 lbs.) Jibes and Duck Jibes can be performed with fingertip control and a flip of the wrist.

Plus WindSkate standards such as the FrontSide BackSail and BackSide BackSail (leaning into the sail against the wind), Helicopter Tacks, Wind powered kick turns and nose wheelies. All without changing foot position on the board (dangerous at high speeds).

And more . . . . Pull the rig out of the socket cup, and you can hand-hold the BoardSail for a variety of maneuvers unique to WindSkating: Flip the sail over head for a high speed up-wind tack, Hike out (lean over) with your body parallel to the ground, cut into the wind within 20 degrees of the direct headwind and experience freestyle freedom available only with the WindSkate.

Standard 40 sq. ft. (3.6 M sq.) 8 lbs., sails about twice the speed of the wind in 5 to 15 MPH winds. 44 sq ft. (4 M sq.) for light winds. Smaller sizes available for higher winds. Folds down to 6 ft. for storage or shipping.

Stock orders in a variety of color combinations. 3.9 oz. Dacron, clear plastic window, fiberglass batten and aircraft quality aluminum rig.

Sail & Rig complete with Ball & Socket Cup for mounting to any existing skateboard or all-terrain board. . . . . . . . . $425.00

Foam Pad for hand-held WindSkating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 25.00

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