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BladeSail V

An ALL TIME FAVORITE JUST GOT BETTER! This "V" cut or swallowtail design allows for more balanced sailing and tighter tacks into the wind. On streets, bike paths or tidal zones, it sails within 45 degrees of a direct headwind.

On parking lots and playgrounds you can cruise stylishly, turn in circles & figure eights, or invent your own free-style routine. If you hold onto the crossbar, it practically sails itself.

In high winds, the seams between panels function as battens to stabilize the BladeSail V.

Padded apex rests against knee as hands hold cross-bar to position sail. Merely flip sail overhead for up-wind turns or shift angle for down wind turns.

Standard 9 ft. 9 in. equilateral triangle, 40 sq. ft. (3.6 M sq.), 8 lbs. sails about twice the speed of the wind in 5 to 15 MPH winds. Faster on ice, slower on snow.

Quick and easy to set up in about 2 minutes. Folds down to 4 ft. (plus 5 ft. cross bar) for storage or shipping and fits in the trunk of any car.

Stock orders in a variety of color combinations. 3.9 oz. Dacron sailcloth, aircraft quality aluminum, clear plastic window, and padded apex.

9 ft. 9 in. for adults in average winds: $460

9 ft. for adults in higher winds: $460

8 ft. for adults in high winds: $460

Telephone: 310.453.4808
FAX: 310.829.9511
Postal address
P.O. Box 3081
Santa Monica, CA 90404



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