Within the power of the wind is an exciting new sport that you never dreamed possible. Anyone with basic balance on a skateboard or roller skates can learn to WindSkate in just minutes with these feather weight skate sails (just 6 to 8 lbs.) The WindSkate skatesail will turn you on to the sensations of sailboarding on the water, the slalom turns of a good ski run, the aerodynamics of a hang glider and the juicy feel of an invisible wave!

Get a WindSkate and try and Catch the Wind. You won't miss!

Anyone with basic balance on a skateboard roller skates or inline skates can learn to WindSkate skate sail in just minutes with these feather weight sails Skate sailing is fun at the beach, parking lot,snow desert or any other flat surface.

The Living Curl Surf Video

WindSkate inventor Jamie Budge has just released a DVD version of his 1960's surf classic, The Living Curl. It's availible for purchase at thelivingcurl.com
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New Video Compilation

Bettina shares her latest compilation of some hot Skate Sailing at El Mirage dry lake bed and Santa Monica State Beach parking lot.
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Panoramic Image

Keith came down with his panoramic camera rig and made a series of photos that were stitched together with a software package. This is the result of his efforts
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Sails For In-Line Skates, Skateboards... And about Anything Else That Rolls or Slides
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